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Books shown below come in paperback and ebook. The quickest way to receive books is to download the e-version from here. If you would like to purchase the paperback and ebooks through known stores you can visit www.Barnes&,, or google search the title to find these in many other stores. Some stores do not offer the ebook download. Thanks for your contribution towards the empowerment of single moms everywhere!



Tired of books with titles that read, "How to pick a good sitter while raising children alone..."? It's time for single parents to think beyond living to survive to living a dream! The single mom who feels her dreams cannot actualize beyond imagination may be cheating herself out of the physical manifestation! Be inspired & be practical simultaneously. A single mom is  more than just a parent! This book helps the single mom to think practically, but puts more weight on thoughts and beliefs that can help her achieve specific goals and supersize her life to match her dreams.


Supersize Your Single Mom Life: A Single Mom's Guide to Living Her Dreams

Paperback and ebook is available in participating stores. New Edition will be published.      

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Click green "buy now" button below for ebook version

(Note regarding ebook download.  If Paypal asks for a shipping address, don't worry, you will only receive an instant download after purchase.

Contact author in the "contact" page message box if you experience issue with receivng the download)                                                      



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She belived

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Uplifting Quotes from Awesome Women of Colour

She Believed She Could So She Did_RGB_cr
She Believed She Could So She Did_INSIDE
She Believed She Could So She Did_INSIDE
She Believed She Could So She Did_INSIDE

March 2021

 Amazon UK site ( and other online booksellers.

Slated for US in 2022 and other online booksellers.

Thank you Summersdale Publishing for trusting me with this inspiring endeavor.

Young women around the world living through this time looking to relate to renowned women of color, finding ladies of different shapes, sizes, beliefs, color & from all walks of life have a little more in common than we think.


Integration Strategy for e-Intensive Care Unit: A Narrative Review and Implementation Plan - PubMed: National Libray of Medicine (NIH) -

Exploring tele-intensive services for communities & identifying challenges to Telehealth access for vulnerable populations.

Authors: Antoine Boustany, Honorata Hencel Ondrej, Svoboda, Sunshin Fungcap, Francois Abi Fadel Keywords: e-ICU; tele-ICU; telehealth; telemedicine

Affiliations:Department of Internal Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Rome Business School, Rome, Italy, Respiratory Institute, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

At the Library

The New Single Mom! 

Re-imagining the Single Mom, Beyond 2020: A Single Mom’s Guide to Living Her Dreams in Today’s World -

New Edition of  Supersize Your Single Mom Life  to be released in the future

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