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Get Back What You Give? Not a cliche', it's just IS

Get back more when you give it away for free. Yes, even $$$! Okay, let me clarify. In a distant past, I sold items for cash and felt, well, meh about it. It didn't exactly bring me joy because it often felt I had to do something to get something. There was a feeling of "lack" lingering around me for a while. After some hard life lessons and many years later, I realized everything I had ever given away for free, I’ve actually received much more in return. The only reason for not realizing that sooner in life is the return usually came when I least expected it. Additionally, at times I didn't realize it when what returned was the exact same thing. Anytime I actually did expect something in return, it just ended up being something different. So I didn't associate what I

received, with what I gave earlier for free.

What I did know for sure, was that when I realized the "return" it was usually much more satisfactory then receiving a little cash I already knew was coming in exchange for a product I was selling. That was a mouthful to say, but factual.

We've all heard about the Law of Attraction, but we don't think of it in our daily hussle. So we miss or dimiss the little "miracles". The LOA always matches and supports the statement we make to the universe. So, if you give thing’s away, what better way of telling the universe that you have a lot to offer. You can’t give if you don’t have in the first place. So when you give something away for free, the feeling is “I have it to give away”. If we simply sell whatever it is we are selling, we say “I am losing something and need to replace it now so there’s no loss, no vacancy." Maybe, even, "If I don’t accept cash I’ll be without something.” The trick to offering something for free is to genuinely feel good about it, otherwise it's just a loss or obligation to give.

Of course if you’re in the actual business of selling (especially if you own the business) there’s generally a different statement you’re making. The statement is essentially, that you are in a business with the intention of growing a successful career, promoting a product, and/or generating more and more income. It’s a mindset of growth and success that’s usually matched with feelings of ongoing circulation and equal exchange. It's energy. It's "vibes, matching vibes".

Going to a pawn shop to sell jewelry may not often feel like growth and success. At times times it can feel like selling something you can’t afford to give away and, thereby, telling the universe you don’t have it. How can you get more of what you “don’t have”? How can you offer for free what you don’t have to offer in the first place. If you want a change and you are not sure where to start, try giving something away for free and find joy in doing it without any expectation of a something specific in return. Just expect general abundance and you will receive what you want in unexpected and glorious ways.

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