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What Goes Up Must Come Down, Then Up, Then Down, Then....

You've heard of  the saying, "What goes up, must come down," right? Just when you thought everything and everyone was conspiring against you and urging you to fail, a turn of events suddenly leaves you feeling as if all your dreams are instantaneously coming true, out of nowhere! Then, there's that curve ball again! That Wrench. That Thorn. Whatever you want to call it, life will deliver it and likely because we expect it, even without us being aware that we are. This is how we came to say, "This is too good to be true," but what happens when we only expect good things to happen to us?

We all have, at some point experienced, what we consider low points in our lives, but if you practice being a rock through bad storms those "low points" start to feel like an easy ride with just a few speed-bumps.

Speed-bumps are not meant to throw you off track permanently. You will still be driving on your path. You are still on the road, so why stop because of a bump? Once you are where you want to be, you will look back and wonder what the fuss was all about. Your expectations always led you to your destination anyway. You didn't see the speed bump and say, "oh now I have to turn back now" or "Perfect! Now I'm stuck!"

You may get flustered with the amount of speeds bumps this path has and decide to go in a different direction, which is fine. We can choose a different path, but you generally don't give up on trying to get to the destination that puts you at ease. You made peace with your journey because you simply expected to get to your where you wanted. Have you ever met someone who always found a parking space so easily, or seems to find loose change everywhere they go? They have come to expect it, so they receive. My daughter is one of those people who left me scratching my head after she found a total of $25 collectively in a matter of two weeks. Egrrrr! How? Why not me? I expect a lot of things, but anticipating the discovery of money in pockets, drawers, and laundry machines hasn't come easy. My expectation has always been to earn it the old fashion way, work. It was only in my low thirties when I started to feel like I could attract legitimate income in multiple ways.

You end up becoming one of those people who seem to always be on top of things or receive often. Yes, friends may become annoyed, but this is not a reflection of you. If they drift from your life, they are likely more annoyed with themselves for not using what they have within them to achieve the same or even greater level of what we call "luck". 

We feel we are on our path when we find positives, when in fact a big indicator of being on our path is when we FEEL positive because this is a great sign that we are about to attract awesome experiences! When we feel and expect great things, we get great things. It may not be the exact person, place, or thing we were expecting, but we will get what we expect, which is to find happiness.

When we expect things not to work out, things often don't. This is why life can feel like a roller coaster if we are up and down with our emotions. Life can feel sad or wonderful depending on how we feel about our lives at the current moment. The universe supports what we think. I have had enough experiences that led me to discover and testify that thoughts can really make or break you!

Have you ever noticed that once you are looking for ways to better yourself and your life that you tend to suddenly repel people who choose to stay in a frustrated state of mind? (Yes, I am a New Yorker, so I admit that I have met with a level of hardheadedness and frustration myself, especially in the subway!). Sometimes you aren't even aware of their frustrations if you actually never caused them to feel that way. You didn't attract a bad experience with your friend. You likely attracted an opening to a better one; one who will be happy for you and your success. As things fall into place for you, others that are not of like-mind tend to slowly or quickly fall out of your circle of friends, or the relationship just remains stale or dysfunctional etc...If things go well for them, they feel happier or accepting, then they may come back into your circle, but you may just want someone or something else by that time.

Sometimes, it starts to feel your popularity rises, only to suddenly feel deserted. When life is going great, don't let the feeling of abandonment take over. Try not to look at their sudden disappearance as a negative because you will ultimately attract the people who you will feel good to be around, better influences!

The law of attraction separates what cannot match anymore, directing you more towards what does. The people you hang around more consistently will reflect where you are at in your life, since like attracts like. This is why some relationships can still feel great and easy regardless of challenges, while others feel like their challenges are just a heavy bag of constant pressure, squeezing us further and further from who we really are or want. I love to see couples in positive relationships, or people having fun in general. Then it helps me to determine if I am on the right track. It is really a helpful gauge.

Ultimately, if like attracts like then your inner circle or network of acquaintances consistent in your life will just take you further into more positive and "larger than life" experiences if that is what you want. Think about the habits of some of our most successful, happy, inspirational, and/or prominent figures. Not all, but most of them have practiced a positive mindset and have certain expectations that not only led them to great experiences, but have also inspired many of us to build or fulfill our potential. Overall, do whatever you can to feel better about where life will take you and that keeps you inspired to be happier and feel more successful than you felt yesterday. Whether it be through meditation, running, motivational workshops, or going out with awesome friends, keep doing it and life will feel more like a calm or exiting road of speed bumps you can manage, rather than catastrophic tidal waves pulling you in then pushing you back to shore.

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